What is RecoBin and what do we do?

Recobin is the international brand of eco-friendly waste recycling solutions. Our company plays a satelite role in the Central-European market in indoor waste recycling by organizing a sustainable indoor recycling system for it's customers. We provide:

- consultancy on the financial and environmental sustainability of waste recycling

- education 

- eco-frienldy recycling bins (developed and manufactured by Recobin!)


Why Recobin OFFICE recycling bins?

From now on you don't need to hide those 'not-so-nice' plastic-made bins but you can proudly show your sustainable work- and lifestyle to your partners, customers or to your family. Our bins are sustainable both from a functional and constructional point of view, and can be completely recycled when worn out.

What moves us?

RecoBin Ltd has been established with the purpose to provide assistance and affordable products for office parks, public institutions and small offices in organizing their selective waste recycling systems. Since 2013 Recobin became Central Europe leading company with the idea of revolutionizing the market of recycle bins. It is our philosophy – and a key issue in our communications – to emphasize and promote the idea of reducing the amount of different types of waste. Our motto: „Zero waste is the best waste.”